More than 50 years of experience in manufacturing galvanic plants

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Line types

Galvo Service Srl supplies different types of lines/equipments for different processes.

Galvo Service Srl researches and develops special lines and machines for the plating sector with the goal to improve and solve customers’ specific needs.

Application areas

The wide range of plants designed by our technicians can satisfy every customer need, in numerous fields as


Plating Processes

Surfactants’ emulsifying action
Surfactants’ and emulsifiers’ synergistic effect
Oil drop and degreasing; first emulsifying effects of the oil drop
Semi-bright columnar and lamellar bright Nickel after nital etching
Iron hydrate occlusion on Ni deposit
General view of attacks in the threshold area
Partially leveled lamellar nickel deposit
Very levelled lamellar bright nickel deposit


  • Nickel and Nickel + decorative Chrome 
  • Chromium 6+, Chromium 3+
  • Chemical Nickel
  • Hard Chrome
  • Copper, Copper Nickel, Copper Nickel Chrome
  • Acid Zinc, Alkaline Zinc, Nickel Zinc, Iron Zinc
  • Brass
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Aluminium Anodizing
  • Steel Burnishing
  • Phosphating
  • Special treatments for the aviation industry
  • Degreasing (ultrasonic, chemical, electrolytic)
  • Pickling lines for steel, brass and aluminium
  • Sulphur-tartaric oxidation
  • Sulphur-boric oxidation
  • Electropolishing


Our company
always up-to-date

Galvo Service is an international company specialized in design, production, installation and maintenance of surface treatment plants and equipments.
The company has a great field experience gained through constantly updated technical solutions and tested systems.

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After Sales Services

Galvo Service guarantees an efficient after-sales service responding promptly to any maintenance and spare parts supply request, reaching plants being located all over the world.

Case History

Galvo Service Srl realized different projects being particularly relevant at international level. These are success and satisfaction stories that we want to refer to our Customers. 

Metal Finishing on Eyewear

We count hundreds of thousands of glasses getting finished daily by our lines. Lines that apply all plating types on this product, and also varnishing.


We manufactured and supplied the largest lines all over the world to chromize taps. These lines allow to chromize different support materials as the modern market requires. We are market leader in South America, but we supply also top Italian companies.

Zinc Plating on Cast Iron

We have a relevant experience and know-how in zinc plating processes destined to vehicles’ brake calipers. Galvo Service Srl’s technicians are owner of specific letters patent for this process, particularly for plating processes using zinc-nickel alloys. 


We manufactured for the worldwide largest Research Centre a galvanic line destined to finishing surfaces of very complex items with special treatments. The specifications required were those of, if not even higher, the aerospatial industry.

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